Recycling Reject


A paper cellulose fiber can be recycled 5 to 7 times. Every time a load of waste paper comes in to be recycled, the factory has to take out all the unwanted materials. This includes metal, plastic, stones, wood and fibers that are not recyclable anymore. This is called “screen” and it is collected outside the factory just like the other reject materials. Compared to all other rejects, screen is very clean and harmless for the environment, yet it remains without a function. A single paper-recycling factory has to utilize up to 4000 tons of the fibers per year.

Recycling Reject shows the possibility of using the unrecyclable fibers as a building material. My aim is to give function and visual value to the material and introduce it back into our lives as a sustainable object. This resulted into building blocks to build several interior pieces, like shelves, benches, tables, stools etc.

Photo: Iris Rijskamp